Creating Community Through Improv

We all crave deeper connection in our lives and yet so many workplaces encourage us to only bring a part of ourselves to the office - the place many of us spend most of our days!  Imagine a world where we bring our whole selves to work each day.  Where we reframe "work" as people lending their unique gifts to reach a common goal. And where we celebrate successes and failures together.

The Village Makers are building that world and we're using the art of improv to do it

What is Improv?

When most people think "improv," they think sketch comedy (like SNL) or stand up comedy, but the truth is that both of those art forms are, for the most part, scripted. Improv is completely made up on the spot and when done well by a deeply connected team, the results are nothing less than magical.

Improv is all about connecting, listening, observing, staying present in the moment, and accepting the offers that are given to you. (You've probably heard the most famous improviser's adage: "YES, AND ...")

On stage, this means accepting everything your scene partner does or says as true (because they are a poet, a genius and an artist), adding to their offer with an idea of your own and building a world together.

In the workplace, "yes, and ..." means actively listening to new ideas with an open mind, and building upon them by responding to what you've heard and adding ideas of your own.

In all settings, "yes, and ..." is about connection, collaboration, and creating a supportive environment. Oh yeah, and FUN!

And who doesn't want to live in a world like that?

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We want to help you and your team create a fun, supportive, and collaborative environment -- and have FUN in the process. Drop us a line and let's talk turkey -- or improv. It's up to you!